Contingency Sponsor: Gaskets

Few things are frowned on more in the motorsports and engine building world than leakers. They can create dangerous conditions and shut down races, and even dyno competitions like the AEMC. Plus, from a practical standpoint, leaks create unsightly messes that make engines and cars unpleasant to work on. Fel-Pro knows this and has always endeavored to offer the highest quality gaskets with the highest resistance to leakage with any type of automotive fluid. They're one of the brands we always ask for when swapping parts on daily drivers or project cars. This year the AEMC competitors can once again rely on the consistent quality and excellent sealing of PermaTorque MLS head gaskets. For more info on Fel-Pro, go to www.FelPro-Only.com.

Contingency Sponsor: Cylinder Heads/ Intake/ EFI

It's rare when you can say a company invented an entire product category that then becomes the linchpin of an entire industry, but that's exactly what Edelbrock did when they opened their doors in 1938. Cylinder heads were one of the first jobs they tackled, followed by intake manifolds, and over the decades Edelbrock has pushed the performance envelope offering not only value-packed bolt-on parts for the weekend warrior, but state-of-the-art competition heads for the professional racer. Edelbrock's workforce stands out on the design and manufacturing side of things with the latest tools, including computational flow dynamics, 3-D design software, rapid prototyping, an in-house pattern making facility, and their very own U.S.-based foundry located in San Jacinto, California. All this translates into cylinder heads and intake manifolds that make big power, that fit well, and that don't cost an arm and a leg. Continuing their push into technology, Edelbrock's E-Street and Pro-Flow EFI systems have helped street hot rodders get EFI with ease, and racers create consistent power to win races. Check out all of these awesome parts and more at www.Edelbrock.com.

Innovators West
Sponsors Contingency: Damper

Irrespective of how good an internal balance job is, there are incredible forces of acceleration and deceleration that occur in just a single crankshaft rotation. This sets up resonant vibrations within the crankshaft and it's important to dampen these forces reliably over a wide range of rpm and load conditions. If not, mechanical carnage will occur. Low-cost dampers just don't have the ability to cover the wide range of operating conditions experienced by performance engines over the long haul. The experts at Innovators West, however, have made it their mission to provide the highest quality of crankshaft dampers for the AEMC; their SFI-certified dampers (spec 18.1) have been the go-to choice for top engine builders for over 25 years. Inside every Innovators West damper is a free-floating wet-friction clutch pack assembly that uses spring-loaded inertia rings to dampen crankshaft harmonics over a wide rpm range. The rings work in conjunction with clutches to provide outstanding damping action. That action does generate some heat, and Innovators West uses a small amount of fluid inside that acts as a lubricant and as a heat sink. Find out more from Innovators West at 785-825-6166 or www.InnovatorsWest.com.

Jon Kaase Racing
Contingency Sponsor: Cylinder Head Category

In the Ford world, you'll be hard pressed to find anybody, or any company that knows more about Ford engines than Jon Kasse and Jon Kaase Racing. Before starting his own company in 1979, Jon Kaase learned the Ford engine building ropes with legendary Ford racer, Dyno Don Nicholson. Since then, Kaase has sent numerous Pro Stock and Pro Mod racers to the winner's circle with his engine-building talent. And now all racers and street enthusiasts can take advantage of all that cumulative knowledge—so long as you're building a Ford. Four-time AEMC winner Jon Kaase currently has bare and assembled cylinder heads for 385-series 429/460 big-blocks (P-51), Ford Hemi “Shotgun” (Boss '9), and small-block Windsor (P-38)—all of which have class-leading flow dynamics for excellent power on the street and at the track. Kaase also offers his own take on the 4V CHI Cleveland, Pro-Filer big-block, Super Cobra Jet, Trick Flow A-460, and Ford Pro Stock Hemi heads. To find out how Jon Kaase Racing can put your Ford at the head of the pack, log on to www.JonKaaseRacingEngines.com or call 770-307-0241.

Holley Performance Products
Contingency Sponsor: Carburetor/Intake Manifold/EFI/Headers

Holley Performance Products has some of the most storied names in hot rodding such as Holley, Hooker, Weiand, and Flowtech. AEMC competitors can use their extensive catalogs to build huge power and make money! When you add both the Holley and the Weiand intake manifold catalogs together, you get one of the largest pools of raw horsepower anywhere. Through the years, Holley and Weiand have amassed a significant selection of intake manifold applications, including those for small- and big-block Chevy, small- and big-block Ford, small- and big-block Chrysler, Hemi, and most recently, a complete line of carbureted and fuel-injected LS products. Hooker Headers are legendary and have been on many record-setting racers over the decades and are a continual favorite with hot rodders for both fit and quality, and the FlowTech brand extends those offerings even further with full exhaust systems and emissions-legal late-model parts. Holley's carbs need no introduction; they're the oldest brand of performance carbs and one of the most respected. Their line of EFI systems lives up to that fuel delivery reputation and covers the gamut from easy street car retrofits, to top level racing. Log on to www.Holley.com and see how they handle all your fuel delivery and exhaust needs.

Contingency Sponsor: Crankshafts/Camshafts

Despite their similar appearances, not all crankshafts are created equal. Strength, for instance, is determined not only by the type and purity of materials used, but also by the heat treatment during and after machining, and even the nuances of the machining process itself. There is no substitute for decades of research and development, and the body of knowledge that can only come from serving the racing industry for nearly a half century. Memphis-based Lunati is such a company, and their crankshafts are sought after by racers in all venues of competition. Lunati's jump into camshaft manufacturing in 1968 soon made them a household name with professional racers and weekend warriors alike. Lunati's cam-grinding prowess was evident in win after win in drag racing and circle track. Lunati's dedication to cutting-edge cam technology endures, thanks to a dedicated group of owner/racers who are motivated by one thing: They just want to go faster. To see how Lunati can help you get to the finish line quicker, call 662-892-1500 or log on to www.LunatiPower.com.

Mahle Motorsports
Contingency Sponsor: Pistons/ Piston Rings

Every Mahle Motorsports piston is backed by 90-plus years of racing heritage and technology. From the invention of the first aluminum piston to the most advanced design and machining processes being used today, Mahle has delivered unmatched performance and durability. Mahle's light-weight, low-drag, design-specific forgings are machined with close attention given to ring groove quality, tolerances, and consistency, and all Mahle Motorsports pistons are dual or triple coated, adding protection and maintaining consistent performance. That's why you'll find them in all levels of motorsport from NASCAR to IndyCar. The rings are just as advanced; Mahle pioneered the use of piston ring simulation and computer development to engineer rings that provide “free” horsepower by minimizing friction. Ultra flat ring flanks and precision finishing also maximize ring-to-piston sealing. To learn more and find your application, call them at 888-255-1942 or go to www.MahleMotorsports.com.