Crane Cams
Contingency Sponsor: Lifters

For the 2013 AEMC, the rules require functional hydraulic lifters, with both flat tappet and roller lifters eligible for competition. It may not be a well-recognized fact, but a hydraulic lifter is the most precise component in an engine. For the lifter to provide the self-adjusting function of the hydraulic circuit, the tolerance of the internal plunger to the lifter body is ultracritical, and the lifter's valving must provide reliable control. Crane provides a variety of hydraulic lifters designed to meet the needs of a high-performance application, with flat tappets available in variations including Anti Pump-Up performance hydraulic lifters, Hi-Intensity lifters, and Special Race Design hydraulics. These lifters rely on optimization of the micro tolerances of the mechanism to control bleed-down and their exclusive internal valving provides the metering for valvetrain control in a high-performance application. Crane's hydraulic roller lifters have developed a reputation in the industry as a top quality product. These lifters are available for retrofit applications allowing a roller arrangement in many engine types equipped only with flat tappets. Find out more about Crane's lifter offerings at or give them a call at 386-310-4875.

Contingency Sponsor: Pistons

CP-Carrillo's experience in producing pistons for high-performance street cars and racing engines has made them an industry leader in both custom and off-the-shelf performance pistons. Custom domestic pistons comprise the majority of CP-Carrillo's workload, and the company takes pride in providing custom pistons that are at the forefront of technology and design. On a recent visit to CP-Carrillo's Irvine, California, facility, we witnessed a well-equipped engineering department with state-of-the-art software that allowed them to design pistons that are ever lighter, stronger, and more durable. Likewise, CP-Carrillo's manufacturing plant encompasses some 32,000 square feet of CNC equipment and a climate-controlled inspection department to ensure their customers get accurate and consistent quality. CP-Carrillo also offers a complete line of off-the-shelf racing pistons for domestic engines; these popular inventoried pistons are manufactured with the same rigorous inspection criteria as their custom pistons, but are available for same-day shipping. For more information on CP-Carrillo pistons, call 949-567-9000 or log onto

Contingency Sponsor: Carburetor

With classic modular carburetor performance, tunability, and modern looks, Demon offers a wide array of sizes and styles to choose from—including King Demon, Race Demon, Mighty Demon, Speed Demon, and Road Demon. It's no wonder Demon carburetors are the go-to fuel mixers for top engine builders everywhere—their quality and feature set offer value typical of carburetors costing far more. Some of those perks include a billet baseplate with integral Idle-Eze, billet metering blocks, replaceable air bleeds, patented large sight windows, four-corner idle adjustability, multiple vacuum ports, and replaceable idle feed restrictors. Moreover, as the only carburetor with patented contoured air entries, Demon carburetors have outstanding flow characteristics that can be measured not only on the dyno at full song, but out on the street with excellent throttle response and midrange power. To learn more about Demon carburetors, call 270-901-3346 or log on to

Diamond Racing
Contingency Sponsor: Pistons

Since 1968, Diamond Racing has been producing some of the highest quality racing pistons available. In the '70s, '80s, and early '90s, Diamond Racing quickly became known for its championship-winning engines and the custom forged racing pistons powering them. Building on their success with racers from the late '90s to the current day, Diamond has solely dedicated itself to manufacturing forged pistons with only the most advanced machinery so they can offer their customers the state of the art in machining. That dedication and reinvesting into their manufacturing capabilities has been noted by racers and Diamond pistons are widely used at the AEMC and all levels of motorsports. For us street-level hot rodders, Diamond has also expanded its shelf stock inventory to include hundreds of stocking part numbers, most of which can be shipped on the same day. To find out more, call 877-552-2112 or go to

Eagle Specialty Products
Contingency Sponsor: Crankshaft/Connecting Rods

Eagle's ESP Armor surface treatment on crankshaft and connecting rods is very slippery, and that equals horsepower. In testing, an Eagle crankshaft treated with ESP Armor was worth as much as an extra 30 hp on a 700hp engine, and in the AEMC where even 1 hp can be the margin between winning and losing, an Eagle crank with ESP Armor can provide a huge advantage. It's no wonder so many AEMC competitors choose to run Eagle cranks! The 30hp figure was from an engine test run by Eagle by an independent lab, and was performed on an engine that had its untreated crankshaft dyno tested, then ESP Armor treated, then dyno'd again. According to Eagle, “The surface finish is near perfect with ESP Armor. The improved surface allows oil to glide effortlessly along the part, greatly reducing running friction and improving oil shedding. Oil temperatures will be lower. Bearing wear is reduced. Durability is increased. And most importantly, less friction means more power.” For more info on Eagle products and ESP Armor, log on to or call 662-796-7373.

Eastwood Company
Contingency Sponsor: Engine Paint

You can argue that painting an engine has almost no bearing on a car's performance, but there is no denying that the engine bay—and the jewel that resides inside—is the make-or-break showcase of any proud muscle machine. A nicely painted engine shows off pride and craftsmanship, and sets the tone for any serious street machine. Eastwood's Ceramic Engine Paint is the ultimate choice in engine coatings, for both its looks and its durability. Everything you need to paint your motor with Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Engine Paint is included in this kit. These super durable engine paints are fortified with nano-ceramic particles that will withstand temperatures of up to 650 degrees F. Moreover, each color has been painstakingly researched to match the original factory color, and the urethane-based paints can be brushed on or applied with a spray gun. For more info, contact Eastwood at 800-343-9353, or log on to

Contingency Sponsor: Fuel Injection

FAST stands for Fuel Air Spark Technology, and when you take those things into consideration, what you have is total engine control. Applying that control seamlessly with mechanical parts, electronics, and a user interface that engine builders and performance enthusiasts can readily use on their own engine projects is what FAST is all about. What the team at FAST strives for is providing the performance enthusiast with a one-stop shop for any fuel-injection need, doing the homework with EFI product development to make the change to EFI as user-friendly and effective as possible. From the start, FAST has been an innovator in EFI control systems, with groundbreaking components and software that bring EFI within reach of professional and novice performance fans alike. We have used the FAST system for many of our own performance engine projects, and our experience has consistently shown that FAST EFI achieves results. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art multipoint injection system or a simple TBI, FAST has the components to bring the advantages of EFI to any engine. For more info, call FAST at 877-334-8355 or go to