The time for our annual festival of horsepower and torque is fast approaching, and we've got a strong list of sponsors this year that should make this competition one of the best and most profitable we've seen in years.

Thanks to some of the absolute best engine component companies in the industry stepping up to support the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge (AEMC), and more importantly, the builders themselves, there will be an epic level of potential prize money on the line. Picking the right parts and placing well could be worth up to $87,500 in contingency money. Got your attention, yet? Let us introduce you to the companies and their parts who are working to make 2013 the best year ever for AEMC!

The power-making parts and companies that pay competitors to play!

Official Title Sponsor & Lubricants

All the finest machined engine parts in the world assembled with the greatest precision are little more than beautiful hunks of aluminum, steel, and iron without a lubricant that can keep them safely separated by microns of ultrahigh-quality oil as they spin at thousandths of rpm. That's exceedingly important for engines built for the highest levels of performance like the competitors at the AEMC. That's why we're pleased to once again welcome AMSOIL as the Official Title Sponsor of the 2013 Engine Masters Challenge. As in years past, every competitor will be able to choose from AMSOIL's extensive list of formulations and pick out the oil that will be used while their engine is on the dyno. That's an extra level of peace of mind for the competitors since they know the oil will have been strictly monitored to ensure a reliable quality brew. But that's nothing exclusive to EMC; the oil the competitors use will be the same stuff you can order for your own engine through 715-399-8324 or

Official Fuel System
Contingency Sponsor: Fuel Rails/Logs

When the EMC added electronic fuel-injected engines to the competition several years ago, event organizers began looking for a company that had the right combination of hardware and know-how to supply copious amounts of fuel reliably to competition engines with a wide range of sizes and fuel needs. With a large prize purse at stake, not to mention dozens of finely handcrafted competition engines, it was imperative that the fuel systems be absolutely bulletproof and have zero downtime. The AEMC turned to Aeromotive to spec out two identical fuel systems for the University of Northwestern Ohio's two SuperFlow/DTS Powermark dynos, using fuel pumps, regulators, gauges, and plumbing from Aeromotive's wide range of product inventory. Moreover, each of the dyno's identical fuel systems needed to have the capability of supplying both fuel-injected and carbureted engines at a moment's notice—the kind of flexibility we've come to expect from Aeromotive products. For more on Aeromotive, call 913-647-7300 or go to

DTS by SuperFlow
Official Dyno

There are many legs of the EMC that support the validity of the competition, but it all falls down without repeatable and reliable dynamometers. We run two dynos to test all the EMC competitors at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), and not only do they have to be up to the constant task, they have to be versatile and easy to install and remove any engine family in short order. With several dozen engines to test on any given year, we can't have malfunctions and breakdowns. For all of those must-haves, the EMC relies on DTS Powermark dynos by SuperFlow. Known for their ease of calibration and consistency between dynos, all of the competitors test their engines on various DTS systems prior to the EMC to ensure they know exactly what to expect when they roll their DTS dyno cart into the cell.

University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH)
Official Host

Founded in 1920, UNOH is a private, not-for-profit institution with an enrollment of approximately 4,500 students. The University offers programs through three separate schools, the College of Technologies, College of Business, and College of Distance Learning. Of particular interest to hot rodders is the College of Technologies, which represents roughly two thirds of the student body, and offers accredited programs in Automotive Technologies, Diesel Technology, High Performance Motorsports, and Alternate Fuels Technology. If racing is your thing, UNOH began their high performance/motorsports program in 1992 and has been training students with the latest technology available in the industry since. In 2006, they opened the largest facility in the country dedicated to learning the science of high performance vehicles—a seven-acre, 70,000-square foot high-performance motorsports complex filled with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Students are trained on all brands of high performance cars, both domestic and imports, with focuses on topics such as welding and fabrication, engine machining and building, steering and suspension, drivelines, fuels, electronics, ignitions, and accessories trends. To find out more or to enroll, call 419-998-3120 or log on to

Official Muffler

We're happy to tell engine builder competitors that Flowmaster will once again be the official muffler for the 2013 AEMC. The Outlaw Series race muffler is Flowmaster's smallest and lightest race muffler to date, and can easily handle the power output of the AEMC's top competitors. The Outlaw muffler generally produces more power than open headers, while taking the “edge” off that open-header sound. These race mufflers are designed to be used at racetracks requiring mufflers, and are available in two compact lengths and tubing sizes, including 3.00-, 3.50-, 4.00-, and for the AEMC, a 5.00-inch diameter. The Flowmaster Outlaw spec muffler for the AEMC will ensure that competitors will encounter zero flow restrictions, while maximizing available torque within the 3,000- to 7,000-rpm scoring range of the competition.

VP Racing Fuels
Official Fuel

For the 2013 running of the AEMC, Popular Hot Rodding magazine is pleased to announce that VP Racing Fuels will be the official fuel with their street-legal 100-octane VP100. With a compression limit of 11.5:1 and an rpm ceiling of 7,000 rpm, the competing engines in the 2013 AEMC can rely on VP Racing Fuels' VP100 for safe, consistent, powerful results. VP100 (aka StreetBlaze 100) is a 100-octane unleaded gasoline that is specifically engineered for high-performance muscle cars; it is a CARB-legal fuel that's environmentally friendly and street-legal in most areas. It contains no metal compounds and won't harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. In normally aspirated engines, VP100 allows for higher compression and more advanced timing; VP100 is formulated for use in cast-iron head engines with compression ratios up to 12:1, and in aluminum-headed engines up to 14:1. Oxygenated with ethanol, VP100 significantly outperforms premium grade unleaded pump gas. To see how VP Racing Fuels can help your engine, contact VP at 812-878-2025, or go to and click on “Ask Our Tech Experts.”