The third day of competition at 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge presented by Popular Hot Rodding magazine is sponsored by the machining gurus at Rottler. Many of the top engine builders in the world rely upon Rottler’s precision equipment for machining their engines components to the tightest tolerances, so we’re proud to have them on board!

Greg Brown Race Engines

Greg Brown Race Engines was first up for Wednesday’s qualifying eliminations running a carbureted GM LS engine package based on a factory 6.0-liter. The engine was clearly well developed and ready to run, with the engine firing readily to life. With a displacement of 435 cubic inches the engine had the size to put down a big number. As the torque gauge showed right from the hit at the bottom end, this thing was delivering the goods. Peak horsepower came in at an outstanding 741 horsepower, while torque registered 676 lb-ft at peak. The incredible overall torque curve put the engine’s score at 2768.6 points, putting Brown in second place in the current standings.