Accufab Inc

John Mihovetz and the crew from Accufab are well known to fans of the Ford Modular engine. With four-valve engines allowed for the first time at the competition, John seemed like the right guy to showcase the potential. Starting with a 5.4 four cam powerplant, the engine was extensively modified to expand the displacement to 401 cubic inches to meet the minimum requirement for competition. All eyes were on the numbers as the engine buzzed effortlessly through the rev range, making phenomenal torque and power along the way. The power was devastating, with peak horsepower coming in at 736 horsepower, and torque peaking at a lofty 664 ft-lbs. That puts the specific torque at a staggering 1.66 lb-ft per cubic inch! Needless to say the score of 2938.5 points shattered the current standings, putting Accufab in first position by a wide margin.