The second day of competition 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge presented by Popular Hot Rodding magazine started off with a rearrangement of the run order due to a shipping fiasco with Larry Salisbury and Traco Engineering’s engine; it was onboard a train that derailed en route. Thankfully there was such drama at the EMC and we moved onto the next team of Jesses Robinson and SKMFX Engines, followed by Mike Phillips and Automotive Machine and Performance. Both teams had excellent runs with little tuning required to hit their scores. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday!

SKMFX Engines

Jesse Robinson and SKMFX Engines teamed up with Randy Malik of RM Competition to fill an empty qualifying position to start Tuesday’s competition. The Malik built 451 low-deck Mopar big block featured ProComp cylinder heads and a Mopar Performance intake manifold topped with a Holley carb. The engine fired and ran smoothly, but the challenge was finding the right tune. Several increases in fuel resulted in an increase in power, right up to the qualifying timer running down to zero. The big Mopar posted peak numbers of 676 horsepower and 638 lb-ft of torque, and with additional tuning showed the potential for even more. The effort yielded a score of 2490.8.