Popular Hot Rodding Magazine (PHR) officially kicks off the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge competition at the dyno facilities of University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). With multiple dyno cells available, the PHR staff, as well as engine builder participants wait anxiously for their turn on the dyno. Although three teams dropped out of this morning’s dyno challenge including Atlantic Engines, JM Performance Auto Repair and Wise Performance Engineering, we still have another three teams up to bat. Make sure to stay tuned, we’ll be competing each morning throughout the week, beginning at 9am Eastern Standard Time. Over the course of the next five days, we’ll be providing each team’s final dyno numbers and points as each day progresses as well as a daily recap at the end of each day.

A combined effort of 40 teams will be competing with six teams taking the dyno cells on Monday. Then, eight teams on Tuesday. By Wednesday we’ll be shuffling through ten per day. At the end of the week, Friday, we will crown the winning team as, “Engine Master!”

The 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge is presented by UNOH, COMP Cams, Flowmaster, Aeromotive, VP Racing Fuels, DTS by SuperFlow, ARP Fasteners, SAM, Rottler and CID.

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