Also B.E.S.

John Lahone with Also BES from the BES Racing shop followed in the dyno with another GM LS-series engine, displacing 401 cubic inches. With two pushrod engines in the final eliminations, it was a battle with the SAMs team for the Chevy LS engines for the best two-valve engine in the competition. SAMs held a small lead in qualifying, but extended their advantage considerably in their final elimination pulls. It was going to come down to the Also BES team’s ability to tune in more power via their MegaSquirt engine management system. John Lohone and the rest of the crew did a fine job in the final elimination pulls, tuning in a substantial 16.6 points, with peaks of 750 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque. Even with the increase in score to 2853.7, it was just a little short of the SAM’s LS.