The Competition Induction Design (CID) sponsored fifth day of competition at the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge means it’s time for the top 5 engines to battle it out for supremacy! Today Jon Kaase, the School of Automotive Machinists, Also BES, Accufab, and BES Racing Engines, will put it all on the line to walk away with the win and the top prize money!

Jon Kaase

Our five top qualifiers drew lots at the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge banquet to determine the running order in final eliminations. Jon Kaase drew the kick-off position and was the first to run. His wild 409-cube Ford Cobra engine was going into the finals with a second place score in qualifying, and whether this proven Engine Master could find more in the MOD motor was anyone’s guess. The experienced crew worked the tune, taking advantage of the cold morning air. Every move poured more power into the mighty MOD – these guys could do no wrong. Power output now tagged 721 peak horsepower. Torque was off the hook, with 600 lb-ft at just 3200 rpm, peaking at an astonishing 675 ft-lbs. Kaase’s effort bumped his score a remarkable 45.2 points to 2961.7.