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"Snake & Mongoose"

Hot Summer Car Movie
"Snake & Mongoose" Posted June 20 2013 03:17 PM by Johnny Hunkins

This summer's "Snake & Mongoose" movie takes us back to where it all began for many of us.

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Lunati Crankshafts

AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge
Lunati Crankshafts Posted May 13 2013 05:19 PM by Johnny Hunkins

Lunati joins the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge as a contingency sponsor in the crankshaft category.

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Crimping Quick & Easy

PerTronix Quick Change Crimping Tool
Crimping Quick & Easy Posted May 13 2013 02:35 PM by ChristopherCampbell

Thanks to a quick release interchangeable die set, PerTronix's cool new Wire Terminal Crimping Tool is the ultimate tool to tackle your project's wiring needs from Insulated and Non-Insulated terminals, D-Sub terminals,...

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Wilwood DynaPro

1965 Mustang
Wilwood DynaPro Posted May 10 2013 04:14 PM by Johnny Hunkins

Wilwood Disc Brakes introduces new front disc brake kits for the 1965-1969 Ford Mustang.

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