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2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Alternate Selection Overview

This year as an ALTERNATE you may have some interesting decisions to consider and reasons to continue to build your entry as there is a better chance than ever to get into this year’s program. An ALTERNATE may, as in the past, take the place of a Participant Team who forfeits their position in the competition (Dyno Run Schedule to be issued on August 15, 2011) by accepting the Participant Position when contacted. But this year there are some added differences to consider. Open Positions up to & including 5 business days Prior to the start of the Event- All ALTERNATES for 2011 within our two divisions, STREET and XTREME STREET, have been compiled into one list and your Position is assigned above. This year an ALTERNATE will be contacted as open positions in either division become available based on their Position Number on the alternate list as next in line in regards to an OPEN position, regardless of Division, and must decide within 5 business days of being contacted and offered an open position in the spe
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