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2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Alternate Competitor Selection Process

Year after year the question comes up from Participants and readers of both POPULAR HOT RODDING and ENGINE MASTERS Magazines alike as to how do ALTERNATES in the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge get assigned their numbers. For 2011 we booked the Source Interlink Media Tech Center in Irvine CA and with the help of Video Producer Ron James bring you this exclusive inside look. Two cameras were rolling and as in one take you now get to see and know the inside scoop- it is and has been a total random drawing. With the help of Editor Johnny Hunkins who posted Team Names as they were randomly drawn and Publisher’s Assistant, Yasmin Fajatin, who pulled ping pong balls one-by-one with Team Names on them out of an AMSOIL Air Cleaner the list is complete. Our 19 ALTERNATES now have their Team Position and wait for their possible chance to participant. To all- Good Luck!
Popular Hot Rodding